Test system for torque tools up to 100kNm SCHATZ-Test HMP

• Cascadable sensors enable a testing range of 25 N·m to 100 kN·m
• Controlled hydraulic pressure
• Torque and hydraulic pressure data acquired automatically
• Calibration curves and calibration tables generated by testXpert®
• DKD calibration with ±1% accuracy

Torque tools used for preload tightening of threaded fasteners on
load-bearing structures made from steel must be checked for
accuracy on a regular basis in accordance with EN ISO 1090-2. They
must also be checked after every incident such as a significant
impact, falling, overloading, etc. The tool accuracy must be ±4% in
accordance with EN ISO 6789.

The test system enables the rapid, precise testing of hydraulic torque
tools for torques up to 100 kN·m. The test process is steered using
controlled hydraulic pressure, and the tool being tested is calibrated
using a test mechanism with cascadable sensors. In combination
with the instrument controller, the testXpert® software controls the
calibration process and acquires the measured torque data. The
measurement chains are calibrated with DKD traceability.

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