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Tightening in production with different tightening strategies in torque and angle. Quality control tests by measuring the residual torque on the joints already tightened, with different detection methods. Data traceability with embedded barcode reader and wireless transfer to software / external databases.


  • Freedom 4

- Advanced tightining and quality control strategies
- Joint analysis
- Operator independent
- Radio/USB connectivity
- Data traceability
- Programmable by remote device / software
- Result database
- Reports and Statistics



- All features of freedom
- End-fitting tool recognition
- LEDs
- Vibration device
- Ring for wrench suspension system
- Supplied with interchangeable end-fitting


  • SCS Easy

- Torque/Angle control
- Production tightening
- Quality control test


  • Click Wrenches

- Basic torque control
- operator dependent

Product downloads

Technical Data EWW3-FWEPL TA [Download PDF]
Models & accesories EWW3-FWEPL TA [Download PDF]
Technical Data SCS Easy [Download PDF]
Models SCS Easy [Download PDF]
Models Click Wrenches [Download PDF]
Technical DATA Freedom4 [Download PDF]

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