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Transducers used directly on the production line to measure / calibrate power tools and torque wrenches. They can be connected to data acquisition systems or test benches.

  • Torque & Torque/Angle Rotary


  • Torque & Torque/Angle Rotary Bluetooth


  • Torque Static


  • Torque Static Bluetooth


  • FWE Torque Wrench


  • FWE TA Torque/Angle Wrench

Product downloads

Technical Data Transducers [Download PDF]
Models Transducers RMC [Download PDF]
Models Transducers SMC - SMCI [Download PDF]
Technical data Tourque Wrench FWE - FWE TA [Download PDF]
Models Tourque Wrench FWE - FWE TA [Download PDF]