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- Bit Holders let you use a variety of insers bits in power tool applications. You get economy and flexibility. Fasteners can be magnetically held to the bit.


- Quick Release bit holders allows fast, easy insert bit changes while assuring that bits stay securely in the bit holder simply pull back on the knurles sleeve to release the bit.


- 1/2'' square drive bit holders from Apex® Fastener Tools formally Cooper Tools. Bit holders from Apex® offer the flexible use of insert bits with a variety of tools used throughout the aviation industry. Magnetic bit holders keep the bit in driving position, even when working straight down. Time-wasting motions are eliminated when starting fasteners or working in hard-to-reach areas. These Bit Holders are identified with a M- prefix.

- With Apex® bit holders, you get economy and flexibility. Apex® quality begins with select raw materials, only high grade tool steel is used. Each Apex® bit holder is manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Closer tolerances also mean a better fit and less cam-out or stripping, which in turn keeps work areas free of damage and reduces incidence of bit failure and costly re-work.

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