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Your databases become increasingly slow, your storage costs are constantly increasing and in order to handle the flood of data you invest in ever more powerful hardware… What would you say if there was a solution making all that easier and more efficient?
With our database archiving solution CHRONOS you can relieve and optimize your databases! CHRONOS outsources inactive data from your database systems and archives it. This shrinks the databases you’re working with every day (productive databases) and considerably improves their performance. Information is stored revision-proof and in a compressed form and will still be available in decades’ time. Even the complete basic data pool of an application can be compressed and archived cost-efficiently using Application Retirement, enabling you to completely shut down old applications. CHRONOS not only helps you meet internal compliance requirements but also comply with legal provisions. The archiving strategy of a company should include database archiving and application retirement on top of conventional document and data archiving.

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Chronos for database archiving [Download PDF]