Neotek tools

Get Ready to Streamline Your Assembly Line.

Streamline your assembly line and increase
your return on investment. Manufacturing
solutions that improve productivity, and decrease
system and maintenance costs are in high
The Cleco® NeoTek™ fastening system is the
next generation of smart tool solutions. NeoTek
exceeds the industry’s most demanding assembly
requirements by combining over 50 years of
experience with smart technology. The NeoTek 30
and 50 series tools have angle heads

that were engineered to provide 1 million cycles
maintenance-free*, while delivering classleading
repeatability of 2.0 Cm/Cmk at +/- 7%.
NeoTek’s tool cable features an industryfirst
quarter turn twist-lock design, thus
eliminating one of the leading causes of tool
cable failure: damaged threads. The use of digital
communication from tool to controller reduces
the number of tool cable conductors from 28 to
8, significantly decreasing cable diameter and
reducing weight by 50%.

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