SAB-nordic @ Elmia Jönköping 10-13 May 2016

SAB-nordic  will exhibit @ the Elmia Automation exhibition 10th - 13th May in Jönköping Sweden.

Elmia Automation is the leading fair on industrial automation for the Swedish manufacturing industries. A focused trade fair in partnership with Svenska Automationsgruppen (SAG), is the result of a longterm cooperation and dialog with the automation industry.

The fair will showcase complete solutions for effecient and automized production. The leading suppliers of components and industrial robots together with expert suppliers of machine building and customized solutions show the advantages of industrial automation.

Networking, dialog and increased knowledge. And most importantly business.

With iAutomation Elmia takes a comprehensive approach to the automation industry. The concept is built on two legs – new business and industry development.

The fair will mainly consist of companies focused on production and value adding of automation components and systems for the Swedish industry.

With iAutomation Elmia wants to play a part in making the Swedish industry safer, more profitable and more competitive.

Welcome to Elmia Automation 10-13 May 2016!

See you there!!


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