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The new SCS FIM EVO. The production line integrator tool.

FIM EVO is a new extremely flexible platform that can manage multiple devices and tools on the plant floor. The new platform supports different SCS wrenches, open protocol tools,... The new controller reduce installation, maintenance, IT and operator training cost....

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25 Years anniversary of VVG

For the 25 Years anniversary of VVG.THE popular battery riveter for blind rivets up to 5,0 mm NOW at a special price. Request at Ergonomics and practical details : Maximum comfort thanks to rotation trigger with very low trigger force/ short trigger travel. Hanger bracket for bala...

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SAB-bnl/SAB-nordic behaalt ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015

Wij zijn trots dat SAB-bnl/SAB-nordic is gecertificeerd volgens de normen van ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001 normering: het managementssysteem voldoet aan de kwaliteitseisen en is afgestemd op de behoeften van alle belanghebbenden. ISO 14001 normering: ...

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Cleco NeoTek

De Cleco® NeoTek™ schroefsystemen zijn de volgende generatie van smart tool solutions. NeoTek NeoTek overtreft de meest veeleisende assemblage-eisen van de branche door het combineren van meer dan 50 jaar ervaring met slimme technologie.

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Operator safety when performing fastining operations is becoming a growing concerin in assembly plants such as large automotive plants. Manufacturing facilities have concerns about operators gloves or hair protectially getting stuck in the gap between the socket and extension. Such risck can...

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NEW RivSmart

RivSmart. Very small, very light and in touch with the world. With RivSmart you can take the first step towards blind rivet processing 4.0 of tomorrow – on the basis of decades of experience in the development of high-quality riveting tools and individual riveting automation technology. Riv...

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SAB, FEIN - AccuTec global dealer

In 1867 richtte WilhelmEmilFeineen bedrijf op voor de vervaardiging van fysische en elektrische apparaten, waar zijn zoon EmilFein een kleine 30 jaar later, in 1895,de eersteelektrische handboormachine uitvond. Met deze uitvindinglegde hij de basis voor de uiterst betrouwbare elektrische gereeds...

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SAB-nordic @ Elmia Jönköping 10-13 May 2016

SAB-nordic  will exhibit @ the Elmia Automation exhibition 10th - 13th May in Jönköping Sweden.Elmia Automation is the leading fair on industrial automation for the Swedish manufacturing industries. A focused trade fair in partnership with Svenska Automationsgruppen (SAG), is the resu...

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Titan Studdrivers

TITAN® TOOL has specialized in stud driving since 1920. Because of this experience, we have the knowledge to meet virtually any stud driving need – from automotive/truck, heavy equipment, aircraft and furniture applications – to custom jobs where no prototype exists.Quality is anothe...

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Test system for torque tools up to 100kNm SCHATZ-Test HMP

• Cascadable sensors enable a testing range of 25 N·m to 100 kN·m• Controlled hydraulic pressure• Torque and hydraulic pressure data acquired automatically• Calibration curves and calibration tables generated by testXpert®• DKD calibration with ±1% a...

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SAB-BNL strengthens its Service team to meet growing demand

SAB-BNL is pleased to welcome two new service engineers, Lino and Andries.Our organization is confronting a time of many changes, we are very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed. As part of our team, they will be an important asset giving service customers specialist an...

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Wielmoerunits SCANIA

SAB-bnl has installed 2 multispindle installations in july 2014 for SCANIA in SWEDEN. The two semi-automatic DGD BTS Multi-spindle systems with each five built-in spindles and tightening technology of the Cleco 48 series are applied at the wheel and axle assembly of  SCANIA to perform critical...

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Beurs UK Advanced Engineering

Sab-bnl on the Automotive Engineering 2013 Sab-bnl, one of Apex Tool Group´s biggest distributors, stands for assembly tooling, custom made tooling and complete automated systems. Their services and products are offered direct to production and assembly facilities. Sab-bnl, active on the ...

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Lokaal positioneersysteem

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